We are a group of friends who found each other during our journeys through Life and found companionship in each other for our desires and interests, one of those interests is the yearning to explore the world and learn about the universe.  We enjoy any kind of adventure from a spontaneous long walk under the stars where we forgot how far we had walked to expeditions to distant lands.

We call ourselves Team Tired because it seems like whenever we adventure out together we always tired because we sleep less and explore more.  The name first came about during our trip from Michigan to Nebraska, in which due to traveling overnight, we hardly slept that trip.

Then during a trip to Hawaii. after a deep talk on the deck of a hotel under the moonlight, we made a pact.  A pact that was at least once a year we would talk a big trip, aside from our smaller ones.

Over the years we have formed a special bond.  We can be weird with each other and find enjoyment in something as sitting down with one another to watch a movie.  This blog was created so we could share our journeys with the world and each other and so you could join us on our expedition to explore the Earth and learn about Life and the Universe.  We also talk a little hockey too and hope you enjoy this blog.

Here we go Life’s waiting to begin,

– Team Tired